After surgery questions

Where will my room be?

All total joint replacement patients stay on the joint replacement floor (Three South) at Baptist South. The nurses and physical therapists on the floor are trained to take care of total joint patients. The floor also has its own Case Manager who will make sure all of your discharge needs are met prior to discharge. This includes home medical supplies, outpatient therapy, home health and follow-up appointments.

How often will I do therapy while in the hospital?

Total joint patients usually have one therapy session on the day of their surgery and two sessions and every other day they are in the hospital. During these sessions, therapists will work with patients on safe walking, stairs and other issues needed to be safely discharged.

Will I see my surgeon after surgery?

Yes, Dr. Howell rounds daily on all of his total joint patients. He usually rounds first thing in the morning and calls and discusses all of his patients with the charge nurse in the afternoon. He also has an internal medicine doctor see all of his patients while they are in the hospital.

When will I be discharged?

Most patients can be discharged 24-48 hours after their surgery. If the patient had a revision surgery, they may stay 48-72 hours. Some insurace companies require the patient to stay three midnights if they plan to be discharged to a rehab facility.

Where will I be discharged to?

Dr. Howell prefers that most of his patients be discharged to their home from the hospital. Most surgeries will be scheduled with enough advance notice to be able to arrange for family support at home for a few days to a week. All total joint patients will also need to attend outpatient physical therapy to help ensure a full recovery. Outpatient physical therapy can be done at our office or at another location that is more convenient. In certain circumstances discharge to a rehab facility may be warranted and the case manager will help arrange that.