Knee Replacement Surgery

Whether it is playing a round of golf, taking that daily walk with your neighbor or tailgating with your friends and family, most Americans are staying active longer than their parents did. Knee arthritis can get in the way of an active lifestyle many people wish to have. Advancements in knee replacement surgery and recovery have made it possible to continue to enjoy the activities that make you happy.  

Services Offered

  • Partial Knee Replacement - Some arthritis patterns do not require the whole knee to be replaced. In a partial knee replacement, only the arthritic portion of the knee is replaced. This allows preservation of the unaffected portions of the knee and retention of all of the knee's ligaments. This allows for a smaller incision, lower blood loss, a faster recovery and more natural feeling knee.

  • Total Knee Replacement - In some patients a partial knee replacement is not an option due to the extent of arthritis in the knee. In this scenario, a total knee replacement is the preferred option because it replaces all of the knee's arthritic cartilage and reduces pain while increasing the function and mobility of the knee. 

  • Revision Knee Replacement - Some patients present to our office with problems associated with a knee replacement that they have already had done. Some of these problems include infection, loose implants, stiffness and pain. Dr. Howell has had extra fellowship training to manage and surgically correct these issues.