Will I get pain medication?

All patients are discharged home with pain medication. The patient will have these medications reviewed with them prior to discharge. These will be refilled during follow-up visits as needed.

Can I cross my legs or bend down after hip replacement surgery?

Most of Dr. Howell's total hip replacement patients do not have any restrictions or hip precautions after surgery. There are circumstances after revision surgery or complex primary surgery where there will be hip precautions in place. The physical therapist will go over those precautions with the patients in those situations.

When can I drive?

If you have surgery on your right leg, patients need to refrain from driving for approximately six weeks. Patients who have surgery on their left leg, may return to driving when they are off narcotic pain medication and feel comfortable driving.

When can I go back to work?

Most patients may return to work in 4-12 weeks depending on their type of work and how fast they are recovering.

Will I need to take antibiotics when I go to the dentist?

Dr. Howell prefers his total joint patients to take oral antibiotics prior to all dental cleanings and procedures for life. Patients may call the office prior to the dental appointment and a prescription will be sent electronically. 

When will I see Dr. Howell again?

Most all patients follow up in the office two weeks after surgery. Revision patients usually see Dr. Howell in the office three weeks after surgery.