Patient Testimonials

Susan D. - Anterior Total Hip Replacement

I wanted to share with you in writing how my experience has been a total life improvement since my January surgery at the Joint Center of Alabama at Baptist Hospital. I was diagnosed in my early 40's with moderately-severe degenerative joint disease in both of my hips. I changed jobs from working on my feet for 12 hour shifts to 12 hours of sitting at a desk. I was to the point of being unable to climb stairs, walk across the parking lot without stopping, and walked with a noticeable limp. That wasn't enough to stop the progression of the osteoarthritis, so I opted the first time for surgery at a large hospital in Birmingham for a total hip arthroplasty. 

My surgery & stay was less than optimal, as I suffered a complication during surgery, leaving me with a neurological issue. As my arthritis continued to worsen in my opposite hip, I learned of the new Joint Center of Alabama at Baptist Hospital. My father, who is an active senior citizen, had surgery in December of 2016 at the Joint Center of Alabama did very well post-operatively. He is now with much better range of motion and no longer in joint pain. His success helped me decide to schedule my surgery for January of 2017. 

I had my second total hip arthroplasty, but this time with an anterior approach, instead of posterior approach. From the time I checked in at the admissions desk to begin my stay, through pre-operative holding, everyone was informative and prepared. I was awake until I arrived in the OR, met by several Joint Center of Alabama staff, who informed me of what would happen. I awoke in the recovery area with a nurse who took excellent care of me and kept my husband informed. I was admitted to 3 South, the Joint Replacement Floor, and was taken to a room for hip joint patients. There, I found the room to be larger than usual, with a closet containing all needed equipment for my stay. My husband had a cot to stay with me and plenty of room to be comfortable. The nursing staff did a fine job managing my medications for pain relief & prevention of falls while admitted. They communicated well my plans of care to me and my family. Physical Therapy staff came to walk me the afternoon of my surgery, with a walker. I was elated to be able to walk and get up as I needed to do my rehabilitation. I was discharged home with my husband on Post-Op day #2, less than 40 hours after my surgery. 

I began rehabilitation at Southern Orthopedic Surgeons PT office on the following Monday as an Outpatient. Once again, Brian Gandy was my Physical Therapist. I can now squat down with my knees to do household chores, walk 4-5 flights of stairs, walk up to 2 miles, swim & do water aerobics for 90 minutes, ride my motorcycle, and kayak the lake. I no longer have joint pain in my hip. 

I have told so many friends, family members & coworkers about the Joint Center of Alabama doctors & staff members. My family and I are so glad that I chose to have my surgery at the Joint Center of Alabama with Dr. Howell.